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Value Everyone

A company can only become great by hiring great people. Even in a downturn, which is when you need to be at your most competitive.

And everyone in your company is now client-facing. They all have the capacity to impress or put off a client.

Through our unique and proven process of matching the dynamics of your company, the career opportunity, and our candidate, we give you the opportunity to do more than just fill a position.

We'll Put You To Work Too

We do things differently. We allocate a whole team to your account, and ask to come and visit you. If you're looking to fill a position we want to meet the person they'll be working for, and ask awkward questions. We dig deeper.

We keep our shortlists short - everyone we send you will be outstanding. After each interview we'll talk to you. We can afford to take more care and time because we are more successful

The Lost Opportunity Cost

Apart from the obvious costs involved in a recruitment project there is the least visible but most expensive of all, the "Lost Opportunity Cost".

If you pick your employees from people who fit the job and nothing more, you'll end up with an average company. But by selecting people who can bring an extra dynamic, that gives you the edge. In a competitive environment you want a team with the potential to win. That fundamental difference in value is what we call the "lost Opportunity Cost". It's hard to quantify, but it is one of the ways good companies become great.

A complete service

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Our industry leading salary survey

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